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Are you a beauty blogger or YouTuber?

Are passionate about sharing your advice, tips, product recommendations and tutorials via your blog or YouTube channel?

Would you like to be discovered by more brands for paid sponsorship opportunities?

If yes, then apply to become a part of our influencer community.  

We're unique from other networks:

When we work with brands on a sponsored campaign, we operate as a true team. There's no "I" in team and no woman is an island. We understand the analytics behind influencers and we devise teams based on proprietary analytics.  We then match up influencer team strengths with the needs of our brand partners. 

We have built a community of influencers who are focused on delivering high quality, authentic content for their engaged audiences. We select bloggers and YouTubers via referral only. When you apply to the network, we will request one of our existing Power Primpers to vouch for you. We look for the usual characteristics in our content creators such as engaging, high-quality content. But, more importantly, we look for intangibles like friendliness, professionalism, dependability, creativity, track record, ratio of sponsored content to editorial, and honesty.

We know we wield more power together than we do a part. At Primp, we do not create siloed content. We capture a wider audience by tying together all the threads from social media, blogs, and videos into one cohesive campaign that's trackable and optimizable through PRIMP's proprietary analytics engine. We're an influencer network with powerful technology behind us.

Because of our a strategic and analytical approach to brand sponsorships, we help our content creators deliver a true ROI. At the end of the day, for influencer content to maintain relevance, proof of traffic, conversions and sales provides undeniable credibility.

In order to maintain relevance in the highly fragmented content and influencer world, PRIMP takes native content marketing to a whole new level. 

For more information, please email Jess@prettyinmypocket.com.