Beautocracy Beauty + Democracy:  No one standard of beauty exists. No exclusive group or magazine dictates what pretty is. You decide. You post your own looks and vote for your favorite products by adding them to your PRIMP bag.

Advertising and media have played a critical role in portraying aspirational images of perfection in relation to marketing beauty products. You've seen the ads:  "get perfect skin," "lose weight," "smaller pores," "smooth wrinkles," "bigger eyes." Jeez, no wonder women, and now men, feel this ridiculous pressure to emulate the images portrayed in the media. We are human. We are influenced by what we see. So, we decided it was time to get real. 

We created the Beautocracy, where we post and tag looks with the products used to create the look.  This helps other women discover beauty products from other real women. The bonus is that we can buy the products straight from the look.

The jig is up on flawlessness. Trying to achieve perfection is down right BS. We believe in the pursuit of radical self-acceptance. 

We invite you to be a part of democratizing the discovery of beauty and beauty products.