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What is Primp Network?

We are a social and mobile beauty app that delivers beauty product reviews and location based beauty perks straight to your phone!

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Why mobile?

We realize how important a mobile shopping assistant is to the beauty shopping experience. Therefore, we arm you with a mobile bar code reader so that you bar code scan any beauty product under the sun (well, 100,000 of them). When you’re shopping, you need to know whether to buy this shampoo or that one, this lipstick or the other one? We know just how frustrating this process is, so we give you some guidance at the time and place you need it the most- in the aisle.

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What if there isn’t a review for a product I am curious about?

We are building our review database. Please be patient. We did not want to buy reviews from a third party because we want to be a trusted beauty advisor. But, if you are in need of a review for a product, tweet us @prettyinmypoc or email us at feedback@primpnetwork.com and tell us what product you need the pretty nitty gritty on and we will get on it!

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Can I use my iPad or iPod Touch for the PRIMP app?

Yes ma’am.

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Can I reserve a perk for later use?

Sure! Just hit the “Save Perk” button on the app. You can reserve it for later use, but pay mind to the expiration dates.

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I tried to use the perk, but the app said it couldn’t locate me. What the PRIMP (WTP)?

The satellites are smart and they know if you are within a certain number of meters from the PERK location. Technically you can bypass this by hitting “Use Perk” again. We just don’t want you to waste the perk so we ask that you make absolutely positively sure you are in the location of the perk.

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How do I turn location services on?

iPhone: Settings>Location services (make sure this is on)> Scroll down to Primp Network (make sure this is on also)

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How do I find a particular perk or neighborhood?

Hit the Perk button on the bottom bar of the app. We automatically filter by your location. You can choose list view or map view.

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I tried to use a coupon, but the cashier wouldn't accept it. What do I do?

Oh boo. First, we apologize for your trouble. Second, ask for the manager, they know what’s up. They can remind the cashier. Pretty is as pretty does, so try to be nice ☺. If you still can’t get the merchant to cooperate, email us and we will turn them upside down and jiggle all the lunch money from their pockets for giving you a problem. No, seriously, contact us directly at feedback@prettyinmypocket and we will fix this problem.

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How do I delete my account?

Please email info@prettyinmypocket and include PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT in the subject line. You will receive an email from the PRIMP team saying that your account has been deleted.

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How do I change my profile picture?

You can change your profile picture by going to your accountings in the upper-right corner on your profile page. Tap Change Profile Picture. If you logged into PRIMP using your Facebook account, you can only change your profile picture by changing your Facebook profile picture.

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I can’t remember my password

  • If you can't remember your password, tap Forgot Password on the login screen. You'll then have the option to reset your password.
  • Send a password reset email.
  • Tap Username or Email and search for your account by entering either your username or the email address you used to create your account.
  • Tap Send Instructions.
  • Click the link in the password reset email sent by PRIMP to create a new password.
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My email address is not recognized.

If the password reset system does not recognize your email address, you either registered with a different email, or you mistyped your email when registering.

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Where are my account settings?

You can get to your account settings by going to your profile (iPhone) in the upper-right corner. From here you can:

  • Log out of your account
  • Change your profile picture
  • Adjust your privacy settings
  • Turn your push notifications on off
  • View our privacy policy
  • View the Help slideshow
  • Send Us Feedback
  • Rate the PRIMP App
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Controlling Your Visibility:

By default, anyone can view your profile on Primp Network

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Security Tips

  • Pick a strong password: Use a combination of at least six numbers, letters, and punctuation marks (like ! and &)
  • Make sure your email account is secure
  • Log out of Primp Network when you use a computer or device you share with other people
  • When you authorize any third party application like Facebook or Twitter, please be aware that these third party applications can post updates on your behalf if your security settings are set to allow such posts.
  • Never give anyone you do not know and trust your password
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