The Fine PRINT / Full Disclosure


Pretty in my Pocket offers products from affiliate advertising programs. There is no mega PRIMP warehouse. We wish! When you click BUY and make a purchase from our site, we make a commission from that purchase. Our dream is to turn these commissions into rewards for our members and beauty blogger partners. The name of the program is already in the works: PRIMP POINTS. In order for this dream to become a reality, a few things have to happen:

1. We are growing our network of members and Power Primpers. Love PRIMP? Share PRIMP with your peers and ask them to register, add looks, faves, and reviews. Their actions will grow the beautocracy and they will be primping with a purpose.

2.  Can't find a product? We source products from multiple different brands and retailers. We bring the content and most of the beauty retailers and brands together. Even though we collect the majority of beauty products across the marketplace into one location for your convenience,  some products are not available. The reason is because that particular brand may not have an API or affiliate program available. Or, the product may simply be unavailable to affiliates. In any case, we are rolling out a feature for you to tag the look with products that are NOT found in our database. Stay tuned.  

3. We would love to hear your feedback on how to improve the PRIMP experience. We are a small group of 8 people, working virtually across the globe. Our community of primpers has helped us grow and improve. In fact, the site itself is a product of many years of feedback from our community of members and from our blogger community. Feedback is a gift. Please don't hesitate to drop us a line and tell us how we can better serve the beauty community.

All opinions are of the Primpers and the Beautocracy. 
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